• Original Sin (DVD, 2005) VG 217
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A loving family is torn apart when their only son is kidnapped under mysterious circumstances. And the mystery starts to unfold as a Mafia Chief becomes violently involved. Family war erupts as the mother of the kidnapped boy learns that the Mafia boss is her husband's father, and the boy is a pawn in a game of violence and death......
Leading Role 1 Ann Jillian
Director 1 Ron Satlof
Leading Role 2 Robert Desiderio
Leading Role 3 Lou Liberatore
Additional Roles by Charlton Heston, Louis Guss
Producer Ian Sander
Screenwriter Philip F. Messina
Release Format DVD
Rating 15
Release Year 2005
Genre Action/Adventure
Additional Genre General
Language English
Running Time 94 minutes
EAN 5060092900249

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Original Sin (DVD, 2005) VG 217

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